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State Taxes

We are based in Kansas City but prepare state tax returns for clients all over the country.

If you live outside of Kansas City but are looking for an accountant who truly cares about your situation and preparing your taxes with precision and the heart of a teacher, we are here to assist you!

Federal Taxes

Federal tax laws are changing every year (sometimes drastically)! 

Let Hovee CPA do the heavy work of keeping up with the latest laws so we can save you the most money and set you up for success!

It's not just you....several thousand pages of US tax code means taxes are overly complicated!
Let us help.

​Not only do we prepare our clients' tax returns with expertise & precision, we seek to empower our clients by teaching them how taxes play out in every day life. No tax question is a stupid question, and the more you understand, the more you are set up for success in your personal finances.

Tax Preparation

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