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Where I am now...

  In 2018, Hovee CPA grew to include our current Director of Operations, Kelly Sunderland. Kelly is a vital asset to our practice and our clients.  

While Kelly's background is in teaching, she also has several years of industry experience in office administrative work & payroll processing. Kelly handles client communications, scheduling, business bookkeeping, and tax preparation assistance. 

Kelly serves each client with excellence while managing many of the day-to-day operations in our practice. She is enthusiastic in helping our clients and supporting the mission of helping KC business thrive!

​​​Our Team 

How we have grown...

​Where I came from...

  ​​​​I started my career  at a Big 4 accounting firm, but it didn't take long to realize that it wasn't the perfect fit because my greatest passion comes from serving the financial interests of individual, everyday people and small businesses. There is nothing more satisfying than providing a service to another human being, and from across the table, watching as a smile spreads across that person's face. 

  I started my own business so that I could serve the community of individuals and small businesses - a community that tends to pay high fees for minimal service. 

Whether I am assisting you as a new leader in start-up business decisions, walking you through your personal budget and financial goals, or helping you learn about the world of financial products, my commitment is to provide the tools, knowledge, and experience, necessary to see you thrive.

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